We present in this page the program "Don't hurt the animals!" thrown by the site "Goiânia" with the objective of make aware the Internet users about the extreme act of cowardice that is going to mistreat small defenseless animals that God put in this world for defend ourselves and do company to us, an act that shows total ignorance and insensitivity.

          If you have a website and complies with our worry of defend the animals of all species, then copies one or more of the banners presented down and place it in your website with a link to: http://www.central-online.in/animais/engl.htm

          We thank your visit and participation, if you put one of the banners in your page click here and sends us an email for that we be able to add your site to our participants penel, thank you very much!

Lupércio Mundim

Thank you for your support!

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