According to the latest research our forests (all over the planet) are being burned and harvested at a rate of one soccer field per second to feed the hungry for raw materials of industries around the globe. At this rate already in 2050 we will be facing serious climatic problems, such as the multiplication of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis that will sweep away all the oceans.

          We can not expect governments to be aware and take the right decisions to correct this very serious problem, if we wait may be too late. Come on, we all that care about this issue, let's start a movement to warn people about the urgency of the situation.

          If you agree with us, copy one or more of our badges (see below), put them in your website with a link to this page and send us a message (click "Contact" on the menu) with your name, e-mail address, name and address or url of your website, to we can relate it in our participants panel. Participate, we will save our forests!

          We remember that even though don't come the antecipated consequences of climate change, we may see the extintion of almost all the known flora and fauna of the planet and the lack of drinking water in several countries. New drugs for new and old diseases could not be discovered, because they depend on research to be conducted in the forests.

           I thought that I was no part of this destruction, but I became aware that I eat beef and forests are being destroyed for the establishment of cattle ranches. Let's fight this!

Thank you for your support!

Created in Sept/07/2011

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